SoHM Library

School of Hygiene-Mbale Library Department welcomes its esteemed users; we are located on 2nd floor of main complex block after the Deputy Principal’s office.  It offers information basically in Environmental Health basing on the current institution curriculum.

The library has two qualified staff; – Ms. Sabano Betty Hope (Librarian), and Mr. Mafabi Karim –      (Library Assistant).


We offer the following services in the school library: –

  • User registration
  • User orientation/education
  • Current awareness
  • Charging and discharging of information materials to users
  • E-library
  • Reference section
  • internet
  • Information resource safety
  • Conducive reading space
  • Users’ time is saved access to information resource required

Rules and Regulations:

  • Maximum silence and order must be observed while in the library
  • All library materials must be officially signed out
  • Personal belongings are not allowed in the library i.e. jacket, coats, bags etc.
  • Eating, smoking and drinking are not allowed while in the library
  • Personal textbooks are not allowed in the library
  • Mobile phones must be switched off while in the library
  • Each user who delays to bring back beyond the loaned time must be charged overdue fine of shs. 1000/=
  • All reserve section books are for reference only and must not signed out
  • Renewal of a borrowed book is accepted only and only if no other reader is in need of the same book in question.
  • Knocking shoes are not allowed in the library
  • Decency must be observed
  • Personal belongings are at owner’s risk and cost
  • Books borrowed are not allowed in the library before the due date
  • Theft of any library material is a penalty
  • In case of loss and misplacement of any library material, the user shall be requested to replace a lost copy