The School Governing Council

Establishment and Legal Basis:

School of Hygiene – Mbale is governed by the School Governing Council, which is a corporate body that is provided for and established in accordance with the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act, 2001 (As Amended in, 2003 And as Amended in, 2006). The appointment of the Governing Council and its operations, and the establishment of its committees (i.e. Appointment Committee, Finance, Planning and Development Committee), and financial management are executed in accordance with the Act.

Composition of the Governing Council

The Governing council is composed of 16 members, namely;

One person representing a public University to which the institution is affiliated.

One person who has made personal contributions to the development of education.

One person who has made personal contribution to the development of Health.

One Person representing the Environmental Health Workers Association of Uganda.

One representative for the Ministry of Education, and Sports.

One representative for the Ministry of Health (Environmental Health Department).

Two representatives for Academic staff.

One representative for Non-teaching staff.

Three students representing the students’ Guild.

One representative of the Alumni.

One representative of Mbale District Council

Principal and Deputy Principal of the school.

Functions of the Governing Council

The functions of the Governing Council are spelt out in section 78 of the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001 (as amended in 2003 and 2006), viz;

To exercise the general management of the affairs of the Tertiary Institution and exercise general control of the property of the institution.

The Governing Council may acquire and hold movable or immovable property as may be necessary for carrying into effect the provisions of this Act and may sell, lease, mortgage or dispose of any property.

Committees of the Governing Council.

The Council has four Committees;

Appointments committee

Finance committee

Planning &Development (P&D) committee

Students’ Affairs committee

The Governing Council also incorporates the Academic Board which comprises Academic staff. The Principal is the Chairperson while Academic Registrar is the Secretary.

Appointment of Governing Members

The members of the Governing Council are nominated by the respective constituencies on request by the School, and appointed by the Minister of Education and Sports. The structure of the School is currently linked to the MoES and without a direct link to the industries or employers. The Chairperson of the Governing Council reports to the Minister of Education, and Sports.


The School Governing Council meets every quarter (i.e. after three months).

Duty of the Principal to the School Governing Council.

The Principal who is the Accounting Officer of the School reports to the Governing council and the Commissioner BTVET.