Corporate Social Responsibility

School of Hygiene-Mbale engages in a number of social corporate responsibility activities as part of its commitment to serve the country and to benefit the community;-

Look at some of the activities:

The students participated in “Keeping Kyikindu Market Clean in Mbale”

School offers to transport stranded students home

Wednesday, 9th June 2021: Mbale school of hygiene has decided to offer their school bus to transport students who are stranded in Mbale and can’t embark on their journeys to Kampala. Upon reaching its destination in Kampala, the bus shall also relieve people who are stranded in Kampala with no means of transport to Mbale.

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School of Hygiene-Mbale participates in the Parliamentary Games and Sports Gala with MPs:

Saturday, 8th May 2021: The parliamentary sports club has taken part in various games that include football, volley ball, netball, basketball and table tennis with the Mbale school of Hygiene as they play their oversight role to monitor how the institution is performing. Sandra Santa Alum, woman MP Oyam, revealed that they are going to forward the challenges the school is facing to the speaker of parliament such that they can be addressed. Geresom Ilukor, Principal of Mbale school of Hygiene used the gala to tell the MPs that the school is faced with very many challenges ranging from lack of infrastructure, limited lecturers, and limited funding from government.

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