Applications open for 2020/2021

Applications open for 2020/2021 Academic year for all courses i.e. Certificate in Environmental Health Sciences CEHS (Fulltime); Diploma in Environmental Health Sciences (DEHS) (Fulltime and Weekend); Diploma in Health Leadership and Management (DHLM) (Weekend), and Diploma in Health Promotion and Education (DHPE) (Weekend).


  1. So grt Plz. Can we also apply on Line?

  2. hello am brian i have completed a two years certificate in public health can i apply for diploma in environmental health.

    1. yes brian you apply and we are forward to have as our student in diploma class. thank

  3. Im really interested in taking the course of Health Promotion and Communication.

    1. you can access our application forms online and you can also apply online

  4. Hello! My name is Deborah I have done a one year course in Nursing (Nursing Assistant) and serve for many years. My “O” scores Eng-5, Maths-8, Bios-5, Chem-7 and Phy-9
    Can I apply for a certificate or diploma in Environmental Health.

    1. Author

      No, Dorcus, you should have done a Nursing course of minimum duration of 2 years to qualify for admission to do a Diploma in Environmental Health Sciences.

  5. Am Georgian and did arts in A level, do I qualify for a diploma in environmental health?

    1. Author

      No, Namigade, you require sciences to do Diploma in Environmental Health Sciences, you may use UCE (O’level) to do a Certificate in Environmental Health Sciences. The application forms are available at School.

    2. When is the deadline??

      1. interviews are on going incase you are near you come tomorrow and apply

  6. I have a sister who finished ordinary level in 2019 . She did ten subject but failed physics can she apply for certificate in environmental health sciences.

    1. she can’t apply because we want all secinces

  7. Helo, I want to find out whether the Application for Clinical Medicine & Community Health is still open.

    1. that one is at SOCCO

  8. I am in A level doing BCM/IT I would like to know when the next applications for 2021-2022 will be open

  9. Hlo, Am Daniel Arinde l received a call from the Jab office yesterday that I have been admitted to SoHM for DEHS but am in Bushenyi confused on how to reach that side

  10. Am Denis From kiryandongo i have certifite in nutrition. Can i aply for certificate in wash or environmental health science

    1. Author

      Yes, you can do a certificate in Environmental health sciences provided that you passed English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics with no Fail.

    1. Author

      Private application is already on, application forms cost 37,500 Ushs.

  11. Hi, 2 quick ones;
    1. A person with passes in Phy, Mtc, Bio, Chem, but failed English and interested in environmental health sciences certificate, Can they apply?

    2. What are the charges for short term courses i.e PHAST, WASH etc. Is there online learning provision for them? Is one without science background eligible?

    1. Author

      1-For one to qualify for admission into the Certificate programme, he/she MUST have passed English. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics ith a minimum of passes, the candidate who failed English does not qualify.
      2-Short courses are charged depending on the number of trainees, and the type of content required by the trainee but ranges from Ushs. 250,000 to Ushs.400,000

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